Free Advertising for your Direct Sales Business

Over and over again I see both women and men asking how they can advertise for little or no cost. Advertising does not always mean “an ad”. I advertise constantly but almost never use an ad.

Here are several forms of free advertising:

1. A signature line in outgoing emails. I send and receive Read More Here

Preventing Party Cancelations and Reschedules

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UGH, the dreaded cancelations. Especially when they have a prime spot in your calendar. You may have even turned a party away because you *thought* you were going to be doing a party that night. Annoying!! So, let’s talk cancelations, shall we? And I don’t mean whether it has one L or two Ls. Because I have been trying to figure that out for a while! Read More Here

The Customer is Sometimes Rude

rude customer direct selling

Business is not all fun and games. If you are running your own business, you absolutely must have a thick skin. Being easily hurt or upset isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Imagine for a moment you holding a home party. As the guests are looking at catalogs, one says “Look at this lamp, Read More Here

Measuring Success in Direct Selling

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When considering an opportunity, it’s natural to want to know how successful you’re likely to be. It’s also important to understand that the answer can’t be found by looking at the number of people who earn “big bucks.” There are certainly direct sellers who earn six-figure incomes (and more!). However, Read More Here

5 Essential Criteria Needed Before Choosing a Direct Selling Company by Marie Leonard

making a decision in direct sales. Which way to go?

So you’ve just decided that you’re going to start and build a direct selling business in network marketing and because most people want better health, wellness is your niche.

Now what? Do you just go ahead and jump into the first thing that comes along?

Of course not!

You take a good look around Read More Here

Sales Training: 7 Tips to Boost Your Sales by Brian Tracy

sales training sales slump brian tracy

Sales Training: 7 Tips to Boost Your Sales

By Brian Tracy -Motivational Business Speaker

Tip number 1: Get serious! Make a decision to go all the way to the top of your field. Make a decision today to join the top 10%. There is no one and nothing that can hold you back from Read More Here

Sales Training: Happiness in Selling by Mark Bowser

By Mark Bowser – Motivational Business Speaker

Happiness in selling is always created from the inside, not from the outside. Where does happiness come from? Is it given to us? Can we earn it? Happiness is given to us. It is ours for the asking. Happiness is a choice. We decide how happy or Read More Here