Sales Training: Happiness in Selling by Mark Bowser

By Mark Bowser – Motivational Business Speaker

Happiness in selling is always created from the inside, not from the outside. Where does happiness come from? Is it given to us? Can we earn it? Happiness is given to us. It is ours for the asking. Happiness is a choice. We decide how happy or unhappy we will be. Wisconsin Odd Fellow wrote a poem titled “Happiness Is Within” which says, “It’s not so much the world outside that makes us laugh or smile; it’s more the thoughts within our hearts that make life seem worthwhile.”

I know a story about an old wise man. This wise man lived in a small town. Every day this man would sit outside the local gas station and watch the cars go by. Every once in a while a car would stop and he would have the opportunity to talk with a neighbor or even a tourist passing through. On this particular day, the old man’s granddaughter joined him at the gas station.

After some time, a car pulled up to the station. A man got out of the car and started to look around. The wise old man did not recognize the stranger and figured he was a tourist. The tourist came up to the older man and asked, “What kind of a town is this? Is it a nice place to live?”

The wise old man looked at the stranger and asked, “What kind of town are you from? Is it a nice place to live?”

The tourist said, “It’s an awful town. Everyone is critical of each other and negative about the future. They gossip all the time too. I am glad to be leaving.”

The old man said, “That’s how it is in this town too.” After an hour or so, another car drove up. This time it was filled with a family of strangers. The mother jumped out in a hurry with two small children and asked where the restroom was. The old man pointed to a ragged, decrepit sign and the woman thanked him and hurried off with the children. The father got out and walked up to the wise old man and his granddaughter. He asked, “What kind of town is this?”

The old man asked, “What kind of town are you from?” The young father looked at the old man and said, “It’s a great town. I wish we didn’t have to leave. Everyone is very close. There is always a friendly hello and smile throughout the day. I feel we are leaving family.”

“That is exactly like this town,” said the old wise man. After the nice little family had driven away the old man’s granddaughter looked up at her grandfather with a puzzled look and said, “Grandpa, why did you tell the first man this was a terrible town and the second man it was a great town?” The old man looked down at his beautiful little granddaughter and lovingly said, “Sweetheart, the truth is that people see exactly what they want to see. Our attitude is what makes the difference. The attitude we have determines whether it is an awful or marvelous place in which to live.”

Well, there we have it. We choose whether we are going to live a happy or unhappy life. Are you a happy sales professional? Kind of an interesting question, isn’t it? It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Well, I don’t know about you but I have made up my mind. I’m going to live a happy sales life!

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